Why you need a garage at home?

A basic unit of a house is compose of a kitchen, bathrooms, dining room, family, and the most common and important is a Garage, which serves as a car cover protection to your vehicles. Let us touch a little bit of history. A word garage is come from the French word “garer” which means “to give protection” or “to store”. On the early century, you can already saw cars among to the societies of elite, these are people who could afford to buy a car. Later on this wealthy people realizes they do not have place to store their vehicle or specifically cars. The owners find their way using the house of a horse or carriage house as their garage. Business men took this opportunity to earn profits, so they open their carriage house to everyone who are in need of storage for their vehicles. Until then 20th century garages keep growing, modern garage is now very far from the old one, it is technologically up to date, more capacity, and has a high security features. Some of the top famous and richest companies were started in garages like Google and Nike.

Many of Americans uses garage with different kinds of purpose not just storing our vehicle it can also be used as storing old furniture, doing a project, some family create bonding in their garage, some consider it as their own office and let us not forget some of our greatest band started in a garage but there are many benefits a garage can offer. First is it protects your vehicle. Buying a vehicle is one of the biggest financial investments you will make. According to Edmunds.com analyst the average of cost in buying a brand-new car is $36,115 in January, 2018. Imagine if you’re just letting your $36,115 outside of your house. One of many reasons that garage parking should make it essential to our home is protecting your investment in your car. Second it gives security. Keeping your cars locked inside the garage makes you more feel secured. Secured in terms of the security of your money you put it in your car or vehicle and protecting it physically from some hyper teenagers who are fun of vandalism. Leaving your car in your driveway can give invitation to car thief even with a built-in auto alarm system. Car thief now a day is getting more resourceful and it can give a headache to your insurance company. Most of us expect that expensive cars are more prone to thieves but according to forbes.com, Jim Gorzelany, 2018 most of the stolen cars are already used and older models. One of this popular model are Honda Civic (1998), Ford F-150 (2006), Dodge/ Ram Pickup (2001), Chevrolet Silverado (2004) and Chevrolet Impala (2008) these are one of the top list. Third benefits of having a garage at home are it protects your vehicle or car from different kind of climate. There are vehicles that are sensitive of whether changes rain, snow and ice can generate rusting easily. Good thing if those car owners take some time to wash and rust-proof their vehicle to prevent those elements that can destroy a vehicle. To tropical places, leaving your vehicle in drive way under the sun, it will be exposed to extreme heat and it can make us feel uncomfortable entering our vehicle. Extreme heat can also affect engine hoses, and the seals will be, dry out and may lead to crack easily. The exterior color of the vehicle will also be affected, it may fade and I think all of us do not like that happen. Fourth benefits of having a garage at home is you don’t have to go outside of your house. During winter, the most dreaded things we might do is to go out to our house freezing cold and getting into a cold car. Leaving it outside makes you worry about Mother Nature freezing your car door and window, that may lead you scraping the ice off to your vehicle and it may caused scratches that could result additional cost. Garage can keep you safe with thieves because when you have garage in your home they are hesitant to force themselves in. These are some of many reasons why we need a garage at home. In the other hand garage will not only provide you a shelter to your vehicle it can also be a solid investment because in case you will be selling your house, potential home buyers will really look for a garage, it is a plus point for them and some may not consider it. In fact the first question of a home buyer is if there is a garage if not they will not consider your house. Some home buyers consider the space of a garage because they might use it in their own recreational activities, one might use it additional space for transforming it a gym, or a hubby room or just extra storage. Cleanliness is also a part of a garage. We need to maintain the surrounding neat and dry to keep the place convenience in using. It will not just give us the benefit of storing our vehicles it also gives us investment return through selling it.

A garage might cost us money; some people really put a lot of their savings and effort to build their garage especially a modern garage. A garage is part of a house that protect our properties especially our vehicles that, we work hard for it so that we are more convenient in transportation in our daily living. It saves us from different kind of event that we don’t want to happen in our vehicle, and a garage can also extend the life of your vehicle that can save you from spending another cost for maintenance for you to fully enjoy the benefit of having a vehicle. No matter your budget is there is always a perfect garage for your house.

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